Ugly Lies the Bone

by Lindsey Ferrentino

Lighting Design



Directed by: Bart Pitchford

Scenic Design by: Kel Lager



“Beauty is but skin deep, ugly lies the bone; beauty dies and fades away, but ugly holds its own” Albert Einstein

Ugly Lies the Bone

This was the first show I have had the opportunity to design lights for. It was a really interesting experience the show was performed in a black box which was a very intimate space for this show. 

There is a moment in the show where the main character, Jess who is a soldier who returned home from war and experiences PTSD from her time overseas, begins to have a panic attack and flash back to the moment she was injured in an IED explosion. So this was one of the few moments that I got to use effects in this otherwise realistic play. It took a lot of experimenting to get something that didn’t look too cartoony or silly but still had the urgency and color the scene needed.

Before working on this play, I had been an electrician on other shows at my university and I didn’t know how much work could go into designing. Since the show was done in a black box I had a lot of freedom in where all the instruments were placed.