Book and Lyrics by: Jonathan Larson

Technical Director

Directed by: David Callaghan

Scenic Design by: Marc Quattlebaum

Lighting Design by: David Page

Costume Design by: Emily Gill

Makeup and Hair Design: Isabella Herrington

Production Photos: Stewart Edmonds



 The stoop with two custom handrails with 90-degree turns. The toughest part of these was welding them in place in our shop while making sure everything was still square. 

“There’s only now, there’s only this. Forget regret, or life is yours to miss.”




This was my last production to work on at the University of Montevallo I had the honor of being the technical director of this huge show inside of our black box. It was a challenge to complete such a large set with limited time on top of completing and passing my final semester of classes. 

During this process, I was in charge of leading our freshman students working in the scene shop. I would come in with draftings done on AutoCAD for that day’s work. We built multiple custom platforms to fit with the audience risers we already had, as well as a curved wooden staircase up to a floating fire escape balcony. 


For this show, there was also a large amount of metalwork involved. There were seven separate pieces of railing that had to be custom welded as they went around curves and up steps. We also fabricated a metal ship’s ladder that came down from the balcony. 

This was such a great learning experience in leadership and time management. This was the first time I’ve been fully in charge with minimal suggestions from others on a build timeline and for such a complex set it was a challenge to make sure everything was built in a sensible and timely manner.